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Scissor lift
We are into manufacturing and supplying an array of Industrial scissor lifts, which is widely used for several applications in various industries. Often referred to as a scissor lift tables, or any name, it is a very simple concept. Raise or lower the platform. All types of elevators have three main components, platforms,Scissor lifts his legs and lower part of the meeting.
Our products comprise,
Scissor Lifts are available in 3 operating methods. Hydraulic Scissor Lifts use one or more hydraulic cylinders to move the platform up or down. Pneumatic Scissor Lifts operate through the use of air bags to move the platform up or down. A Self Positioning Scissor Lift is weight sensitive, as weight is added to the platform it automatically lowers, as weight is removed from the platform it automatically raises. A Double Scissor Lift is built “stacking” 2 sets of scissor lift legs one on top of the other, Triple Scissor Lift 3 sets of scissor Lift legs on top of each other etc. Using this design, multiple Stage Scissor Lifts will raise to greater heights. Scissor Lifts Rental are available in a wide range of lifting capacities. Qucik Access Manufacturing company located in chennai.Scissor Lifts in load lifting capacities. Our Services are Hydraulic Scissor Lift, Electrical Scissor lift, Diesel Scissor lift, Scissor Lift Rental, Scissor lift Hire, Scissor Lift Services in chennai H18-SXL-1
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